Terminalia chebula, Weight loss

Weight loss using Terminalia chebula

By Veena Deo

Terminalia chebula is designed to fulfill the real meaning of health, especially intestinal health that works great for constipation and weight loss. It is a miracle herb of the nature and has many therapeutic properties from head to toe, the greatest being its laxative affect and antibacterial affect.

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Terminalia has a wide list of synonyms or meanings like, cures all diseases, eliminates fear of death, suitable for all age groups, keeps body strong, and helps stop aging process.

Ancient wisdom described Chebulic in various health disorders and was administered in different forms as it has a unique property of modifying therapeutic action based on the root cause of a problem. Charaka an eminent ancient physician mentioned that Haritaki is  good for all body tissues as it cleanses the impurities of body tissues and it is supposed to be as good as mother’s milk. In 14th century, another eminent scholar described seven varieties of Terminalia in his book called BhavaPrakasa.  It has been said in ancient books that even the smell of Chebulic will have a laxative effect and helps with constipation relief via cleansing the body and in the process it helps with weight loss.

Therapeutic effects of Terminalia chebula are as antibacterial, for ano-rectal disorders, for carminative tissue building skin disorders, for urinary disorders, anemia, hepato-biliary disorders, eye disorders, aging disorders, uterine disorders, soft tissue disorder, etc.

Modern science has been trying to evaluate the beauty of therapeutic effects of Terminalia.  A few of such evaluations are mentioned below. 

The best example is chronic non-ulcer dyspepsia for which there is no ideal and curable therapy in the  existing system of medicine.  Simple administration of a half gram to one gram of pure Chebulic powder mixed with grape juice twice daily will cure the NUD.  Simple decoction made up of Chebulic powder, fine pepper and raw sugar syrup will heal many ano-rectal disorders.

In the dictionary of medicinal herbs and diseases, it is mentioned that Terminalia cures life-threatening diseases. It was mentioned well in all classics that one should consume buttermilk while taking Chebulic preparations as it enhances the therapeutic action. When gut is healthy, one is healthy. This is what Chebulic does.

The precise action of Terminalia chebula is on gastro-intestinal system based on which the human life exists. This herb controls proper digestion, improves assimilation, evacuates stools, and maintains harmony among all the systems of human body. This is a unique property of this fruit extract. That is how this herb has got synonym of ABHAYA, which means this eliminates the fear of death due to diseases.

Another important point to be kept in mind is that Terminalia chebula prevents clot-forming mechanism in the body. A lot of supportive research is available from modern science for this therapeutic action. It is a sad thing that modern science preferred to conduct these soft of trails on animals rather than on humans, even though many ancient civilizations have used Chebulic for various health disorders including constipation relief and more.

Dr. Veena Deo is the moderator and editor of this article originally written by Dr. Satyanarayana, an Ayurvedic Doctor in India.  All the information provided and on supplements above and opinions expressed above should not be construed as any medical advice. This information is provided for educational purposes only. For questions email to veenadeo@herbsbenefits.com


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