Cinnamon for Blood sugar

Cinnamon for blood sugar and more

By Veena Deo


This article talks about Cinnamon for blood sugar, its benefits and its support for this condition.

High blood sugar, blood glucose levels is a clinical syndrome characterized by hyperglycemia due to absolute or relative deficiency of insulin. This can occur in many different ways, but is most common due to autoimmune type 1 diabetes or due to adult onset of type 2 diabetes.

Occuring worldwide the incidences of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes are rising. It is estimated that in the year 2000, world wide about 171 million people had diabetes, and this is expected to double by 2030. This global pandemic principally involves type 2 diabetes to which several factors contribute including obesity, irregularities in diet, sedentary life style  etc.

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High blood sugar / blood glucose or type 2 Diabetes, is termed as non-insulin dependent Diabetes (NIDDM) because people retain the capacity to secrete some insulin but exhibit impaired sensitively to insulin (insulin-resistance) and can be usually treated without insulin replacement therapy. In such situations to regulate the blood sugar levels, the proven herb is ‘Cinnamon’.

Cinnamon is native to Sri-Lanka and India. Cinnamon extract or bark may possess a potentiating effect of insulin and can be used in the type 2 diabetes management. It is useful to lower triglyceride levels and serum cholesterol. Ref: Khan.

Cinnamon for blood sugar and its benefits

Cinnamon provides antioxidant action and may prove beneficial against free radical damage to cell membrane. Ref: Dragland etal.

Recent studies have determined that consuming as little as one half teaspoon of Cinnamon extract each day may reduce blood sugar levels, cholesterol and triglyceride levels by as much as 20% in type 2 diabetics, who do not require insulin.

People with high blood sugar, seem to have more of a problem with free radicals than other people. Cinnamon extract acts as an antioxidant and hence effective for these people.

Cinnamon helps to regulate the amount of sugar extracted from Carbohydrates in the blood stream. Not only does Cinnamon activates essential enzymes in the body, it stimulates the receptors in the cell, so that they will respond more efficiently to insulin, but it also inhibits the enzymes responsible for deactivating the insulin receptor that causes insulin resistance. Cinnamon bark actually contains calcium, chromium, and copper, Iodine, Phosphorus, Zinc, Vitamin A, B2 and C. All these in many ways are important for helping with blood glucose or blood sugar levels. Ref: Prescription for Dietary wellness; using foods to Heal by Phyllis A, Balch, CNC.

Some research references of health benefits of Cinnamon for blood sugar have been listed below-

“Cinnamon itself has insulin like activity and also can potentiate the activity of insulin”. Ref: Don Graves of UCSB.

Richard Anderson of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, a former Graves Student and the discoverer of the insulin like activity, recently completed a human study by 30 test subjects with type 2 diabetes. After only 40 days of taking cinnamon, they had a significant decrease in blood-glucose, triglycerides LDL and Cholesterol. Ref: Graves.

Cinnamon is more than a spice; it may have a medical application in preventing and combating high blood sugar, or diabetes. Cinnamon may help by playing the role of an insulin substitute in type II diabetes according to cellular and molecular studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara, Iowa State University and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

In an animal study, male rats that were given an extract of Cinnamon had lower blood sugar levels. A human study found that giving Cinnamon extract to type 2 diabetics significantly reduced their blood sugar levels Ref: 101 foods that could save your life.

Researchers have isolated polyphenols from Cinnamon extract which possess insulin like activity and have demonstrated a dose dependant increase in glucose utilization in animal muscle tissues.

I hope this article Cinnamon for blood sugar helps all. It is a useful choice to most people and it should be a part of a daily diet. Products that contain Cinnamon along with Gymnema, Bitter Melon, Salacia, Fenugreek and Jambolan, have synergistic action in helping people support blood sugar levels naturally.

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Dr. Veena Deo is an Ayurvedic Doctor in India and is the author of this story.  All the information provided above and opinions expressed are her own. This information and on herbal supplements is provided for educational purposes only. For questions or to consult, please send an email to


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