Guggul for Cholesterol

Guggul for Cholesterol, how it works

By Veena Deo


This article is about Guggul for Choleterol, including the concepts behind its usefulness.

Guggul (Guggulsterones) is also known as Commiphora has acclaimed high preference in terms of the therapeutic values and efficiency, in helping the human body. Ancient Ayurvedic physicians used Guggul resin for various conditions. Guggul has anti lipid, anti obesity, anti inflammation, support. It also helps in renal, arthritis, skin and lymph disorders or conditions. The main advantage is that it can be modified according to one’s needs. The best way is to identify the therapeutic value and dosage for a condition and it modifies its own properties to suit the needs of the body.

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This has the following properties that were observed over centuries. It purifies blood through perspiration and urination, detoxifies the tissues, acts as a good analgesic, and acts as anti spasmodic in uterine disorders such as dysmenorrhea, galactogogue. It also helps resolve urolithiasis and nephrolithiasis. Guggul is an ideal product for carbuncles and hemorrhoids.

Guggul for Cholesterol, some research information-

Modern research mainly focuses on Guggul and its anti cholesterol activity, and help in eliminating hard plaque in the blood vessels. In addition, it possesses another admiring property of anti microbial action. It is a common tradition in India that a new born child will be exposed to fumes of Guggul frequently to avoid microbial infections, the science being that these fumes enhance immunomodulatory effects in the body. Children who were exposed to this practice have suffered significantly less recurrent respiratory infections in their childhood and as young adults. Modern science would always say that we need documentation on Guggul efficacy, but one should believe about the gold standards and time tested practices of this product and its efficacy.

Another unique thing about Guggul is its anti thyroid action on both hypo as well as hyper thyroidism. Simple topical application on thyroid swelling can help resolve the thyroid problems, and modern science should focus on this benefit. Guggul has anti thyroid action in invitro.

Guggul analgesic and anti inflammatory action are well documented in ayurvedic literatures, and a variety of preparations were mentioned and used over centuries. Its anti-inflammatory activity is also documented in Osteoarthritis. This was due to Myrrhanol A which is a new Triterpene found in the herb. In South Carolina University Of Health Sciences, USA, the use of this herb showed significant improvement in Osteoarthritis in both clinical and preclinical studies. The data indicate reduction of pain, stiffness and improved mobility. A study published in JAMA in August of 2003, it was discovered that this herb was able to lower fasting blood sugar, blood pressure, insulin levels, and it had anti-inflammatory activity, reducing the levels of C-reactive protein.

It is true that modern science is now focused on anti lipidaemic activity of Guggul instead of its anti inflammatory and analgesic activities, which are known to be the best since centuries.

One should know well, how to use and enjoy this versatile Guggul's therapeutic action. Herbal products that have this as an active ingredient would support many of the conditions mentioned above.

I hope this article Guggul for Choleterol is useful to all people.

Dr. Veena Deo is the moderator and editor of this article originaly written by Dr. Satyanarayana, an Ayurvedic Doctor in India. All the information provided and on supplements above and opinions expressed above should not be construed as medical advice. This information is provided for educational purposes only. For questions email to



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