Health benefits of Pomegranate

Health benefits of Pomegranate

By Veena Deo


Modern science many times wonders why it has failed to recognize the beauty of nature and its healing capacities. This is true when we look at Pomegranate (Punica grantum). Modern science is now claiming that Pomegranate is best fruit for heart diseases. Many of Pomegranate health benefits would show that it is ideal for many intestinal problems as well. There are many supplements that have Pomegranate as an active ingredient.

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Pomegranate is an ideal fruit for people with blood sugar problems. From historical times there are three varieties of Pomegranates available on the basis of their taste. At the present time that number has grown to about a dozen all over the world.


Documented Pomegranate health benefits-

Ideal for diabetics for blood sugar support; also promotes digestion and healthy stool movement.

Helpful and heals bleeding hemorrhoids.

The best fruit for cardiac conditions and to support heart health.

Regular fresh fruit eating will help to resolve tartar, bleeding gums of the teeth.

In cases of acid reflux, pomegranate seeds juice with equal quantity of honey will give wonderful relief and when taken three times a day for few days should heal the acid reflux problems.

A 50 ml of seed juice will stop diarrhea and this also helps prevent dehydration.

In fevers, it helps as anti pyretic and prevents dehydration and dryness of mouth.

In kidney or renal stones, seeds paste with horse gram in equal parts help to pass the small stones through urination.

A good immunomodulator or provides immune support in recurrent allergic rhinitis.

A daily intake of 500mg of this Pomegranate herbal supplements extract will put one in the right path for better health.

Dr. Veena Deo is the moderator and editor of this article originally written by Dr. Satyanarayana, an Ayurvedic Doctor in India. All the information provided and on supplements above and opinions expressed above should not be construed as medical advice. This information is provided for educational purposes only. For questions email to





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