Herbs for Thyroid

Herbs for thyroid that are useful

By Veena Deo


This article talks about herbs for thyroid that are helpful to most people.

Thyroid is a large bilobed endocrine gland of craniate vertebrates that arises as a median ventral outgrowth of the pharynx, lies in the anterior base of the neck or anterior ventral part of the thorax, is often accompanied by lateral accessory glands sometimes more or less fused with the main mass and produces the hormones Thyroxin and Triiodothyronine. It is commonly called the Thyroid gland.

Thyroid Hormone is any of several closely related metabolically active compounds (as triiodothyronine) that are stored in Thyroid Gland in the form of thyroglobulin and circulates in the blood bound to plasma protein.

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Thyrotropin is a hormone secreted by the adnohypophysis of the pituitary gland that regulates the formation and secretion of thyroid hormone, called also thyroid stimulating hormone or TSH.

Thyrotropin releasing hormone is a tripeptide hormone synthesized in the hypothalamus that stimulates secretion of thyrotropin by the anterior lobe of pituitary gland or TRH.

Hyperthyroidism is a condition in which an overactive Thyroid Gland produces an excessive amount of Thyroid hormones that circulate in the blood, due to which increased heart rate, weight loss and depression occurs.

Hypothyroidism is a deficient activity of the Thyroid gland. A resultant body condition occurs characterized by lowered metabolic rate and general loss of vigor. In this state thyroid hormone production is below normal.

Thyroiditis is a condition in which inflammation of Thyroid Gland occurs.

Thyrotoxicosis is associated with hyperthyroidism. It is a toxic condition caused by excessive intake of Thyroid Hormone or by the overproduction of Thyroid Hormone.

Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis or Chronic Thyroiditis characterized by goiter, Thyroid fibrosis, infiltration of Thyroid tissue by lymphoid tissue and the production of auto antibodies that attack the Thyroid. This is also known as Hashimoto’s trauma.

De Quenr vain’s Thyroiditis is a condition where the Thyroid gland generally swells rapidly & is very painful and tender.

Silent Thyroiditis: Treatment given is usually bed rest with Beta Blockers. Usually to reduce inflammation, treatment prescribed is Aspirin.  Cortisone Steroid which reduces inflammation may be used. Beta Blockers relieve tremor, nervousness and agitation. They also reduce heart rate. It is given to patients of mild to moderate Hyperthyroidism.

Some Pharma drugs work by inhibiting release of thyroid hormone from the over functioning of thyroid gland. There may be side effects of this drug like nausea, metallic taste in the month etc.

Herbs for thyroid that are helpful-

Green Tea – It has an anti-oxidant activity. Researchers proved that (university of Maryland medical center) dose of 300mg to 500mg 3 times daily for thyroid support helps to normalize an overactive thyroid. But it should be caffeine free.

Bugleweed – Helps to normalize overactive thyroid. Some researchers stated that this herb may interact with some diabetic medications. Hence, one must consult one’s doctor before taking this herb.

Kelp - is rich with Iodine and hence recommended to those who have an Iodine deficient diet.

Ginger - Treats nausea. Normalizes Thyroid function. The extract works to prevent blood clots and is used to treat digestive problems.

Nori - It is one of the several varieties of Sea weeds. It contains a good amount of Iodine naturally.

Piper longum - known to improve rate of natural thyroid stimulation.

Myrrh - Aids in the production of Thyroxin.

Avena sativa – Effective in hypothyroidism.

Gypsywort: - it is known to improve thyroid function. It is prescribed in hyperthyroidism.

People should evaluate their exact health condition and find an optimal solution in all these cases. Checking with a Medical Doctor is an important step before under taking any Ayurveda, herbs for Thyroid. Taking green tea extracts in the form of supplements is generally a safe way to start a regimen to help with Thyroid conditions.

I hope the above mentioned herbs for thyroid are useful to all people. In most cases one should check with a Medical Doctor.

Dr. Veena Deo is an Ayurvedic Doctor in India. All the information provided above and opinions expressed above are her own and should not be construed as medical advice. This information is provided for educational purposes only. For questions or to consult Dr. Veena Deo, please send an email to veenadeo@herbsbenefits.com


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