Remedies for Cluster headaches

Cluster headaches help

Cluster Headaches are characterized by severe unilateral pain in the eye or temple, affects primarily men and tends to recur in a series of attacks and is also called Histamine Cephalalgia. It is also known as suicidal headache. It is less common than migraine and tension headaches. In this headache, pain is often excruciating and is deep nonfluctuating and explosive.

A cluster headache is also called as ‘Alarm Clock’ as it has an ability to wake a person from sleep. Cluster headaches may come and go continuously for weeks together. The pain starts suddenly and gets severe within seconds. It may remain for 15 minutes and up to 2 hours. These painful attacks of headache sometimes occur for a week or more.

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It starts just after a person goes to sleep or sometimes later in the nigh. Often the eye of the affected side will tear. Symptoms like one sided nasal stiffness or runny nose occur. It is of two types i.e. episodic and chronic. Many researchers believed that cluster headaches begin in the nerve which carries sensation from head to brain (Trigeminal nerve) and ends with blood vessels which are present surrounding the brain. Some researchers believed that trigeminal system does not get involved .The pain arise in vascular channel.

There are no any fore warming symptoms in this headache. Cluster headaches which extend over a year are considered chronic and are difficult to treat. There are some remedies available for cluster headaches that will be discussed.

Symptoms: Excessive tearing, eye becomes red acquires redness and pallor. During this attack patient may experience nausea and sensitivity to light. Researchers described this headache in various terminologies like hammering or stabbing and in 1/3 of cases throbbing. Some even called it boring. It may be related to sinus, nervous system and serotonin. Cluster headache could be triggered by alcohol and cigarettes hence during attacks they should be avoided.

Exact causes of Cluster Headaches are unknown. This is not  life threatening but if they are not treated timely, they can give rise to permanent muscular fatigue in head or face and reduce sensation in the area of head and face. Other possible causes are intake of excessive amount of coffee and Chocolates or sudden change in temperature.

When the Problems like constipation, gases, acidity occur, these result in the accumulation of toxic material in body and cause cluster headaches.

There is no exact treatment mentioned for cluster headaches, but there are a number  of treatments by which one can reduce the frequency and duration of headaches.

Remedies for cluster headaches -

Oxygen inhalation, Triptan drugs like Sumatriptan and Zolmitripta may be given to reduce the pain. Preventive treatment includes the use of calcium channel blockers like Verapamil, Steroids like Prednisolone, Propranolol, and Cyprohepatadine

To avoid cluster headache, Yoga is helpful. Eat less salt and have a good night’s sleep.

Low levels of melatonin in humans have been associated with depression, insomnia some seizure disorders and other conditions. It is stated that to prevent cluster headache, melatonin is effective. Ref:

Remedies for cluster headaches that are herbal -

Ginkgo balboa – The main active ingredients of this herb are Terpenoids and Flavonoids. Flavonoids act as antioxidants. Terpenoids helps to improve blood circulation, specifically to brain. One should not use Ginkgo balboa along with the traditional medicines used for headache like Aspirin and Lithium.

Morinda citrifolia: has healing properties. It contains an enzyme with therapeutic property. Consuming dried Morinda can help in treating cluster headaches.

Kuduz: Research done for Kuduz suggests that Kuduz is useful in managing cluster headache. This hypothesis should be tested with a randomized clinical trial. Ref: Headache 2009.

Milk thistle: Sluggishness of liver could  be the one of the causes of headache. Milk thistle  is effective in  relieving sluggishness of liver.

Cayenne: Cluster headaches have caught the eye of the medical world in the recent years. In one study, people with cluster headaches rubbed a capsaicin preparation inside and outside their noses on the same side of the head. Within five days 75% reported less pain. They also reported burning nostrils and runny noses, but these side effects subsided within a week. Ref: Fitness articles - Disease management herbs for managing headache.

There have been calls for medical investigation for the use of synthetic Mushroom derived Psilocybin for the development of improved treatment of various mental cluster headaches.

I hope the above herbs and remedies for cluster headaches help all.

Dr. Veena Deo is an Ayurvedic Doctor in India. All the information provided above and opinions expressed above are her own and should not be construed as medical advice. This information is provided for educational purposes only.




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