Herbs for Infertility

Herbs for Infertility men and women

By Veena Deo

Herbs for Infertility that rate high and and are useful are discussed in this article. It also talks about Male, Female, infertility issues.

Fertile – Capable of growing or developing (egg), capable of breeding or reproducing.
Fertility – The quality or state of being fertile.
Fertilization – The process of union of two gametes whereby the somatic chromosome number is restored and the development of a new individual is initiated.

For fertilization, a healthy sperm, a healthy ovum and a healthy uterus are required. If there is a problem with reproductive organs, then infertility occurs in men as well as in women.  Infertility also affects the couple’s interpersonal and social relationships, job performance etc. The female cycle may be of 28 days long but the male cycle is variable.

A study in the “Journal Nature Medicine Sunday” reports that researchers at Imperial College London found that high levels of a protein called SGKI are linked with fertility, while low levels of it make a woman prone to having miscarriages. Ref. Fertility switch points to new treatments. Published October A, 2011/Reuters.


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Causes of male, female, Infertility -

When there is a failure to achieve pregnancy in couples, in 30% of the cases, the female has infertility problems and in 39% of the cases the male has infertility problems. This is in contrast to the popular belief that in all the cases it is the female alone who is responsible for a lack of conception. The remaining 31% are brought on by a combination of male and female problems or by unidentified factors in the female.

In case of women, Irregular menstrual cycles, pelvic inflammatory diseases, underweight, obesity, smoking, addiction to alcohol are also the causative factors of Infertility.

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In the case of men, the causative factors are Variococele (Varicose enlargement of the vein of the spermatic cord producing a soft compressible tumor mass in the scrotum), low sperm count, smoking, illegal drugs usage, and anabolic steroids.

As per Ayurveda, the health of reproductive organs depends on the Shukra dhatu. Proper sequential functioning is required for healthy Shukra dhatu. If there is obstruction in srotas or in the functioning of six dhatus, then disruption occurs in the reproductive system which may result in infertility problems. In such cases elimination of Toxin from the channels is required to restore the reproductive health. The obstruction in the function of Aapan-vayu, in female, may result in scanty bleeding, irregular cycle, pain, anxiety during menstrual cycle etc.

For men and women herbs for infertility are-

Ashoka or Saraca Indica – is useful in uterine problems. It has a stimulating effect on the endometrium that is on the mucous membrane lining the uterus, and on the ovarian tissues.

Acacianilotica (Kikar) – pods of the plant are used in impotency and in urinogenitial disorders. Ref. (Chopra RN, Glossary of Indian Medical plants, 1956, 2, second supplements, 1992, 10, wealth of India, rev vol 1, 1985 38-39

Barleria prionitis (Kata Sareya) - White flower bearing variety should be used. Juice of the leaves mixed with Cuminum Cymimum (Jeera) is given for spermatorrhoea. Ref : Nadkarnikm, IMM, 67, Uniyal MR, Prayogatmak Abhinav Dravyagun Vigya, 1991,300)

Bryonopsis Laciniosa (Shivlingi) - seeds are powdered and given to women to help conception. Root is also used for the same purpose. (Bull RRL, Jammu, 1963, 1, 126; Econ Bot, 1965, 19, 242, ibid, 1971,25, 422). Women of the Lakha tribe of Porbandar, Gujarat, use it to promote fertility. They take 10-12 seeds of Shivlingi with ripe banana immediately after menstruation. On observing this, Indian practitioners, added the seeds of Shivlingi to other herbs for sexual inadequacies.

Ficus Bengalensis (vat) - Infusion of the bark cures vaginal disorders (Sivarajan VV and Indira Balachandran, Ayurvedic Drugs and their plant sources 1994, 333). It is useful in seminal weakness. All parts of the plant are used as a uterine tonic and possess fertility – enhancing properties. Ref. ( IMM, 544, Ram Sushil Singh Vanoshadhi Nidarshika, 1969, 263.)

Symplocos Racemosa - Useful in vaginal diseases and menstrual disorders. It acts as a uterine tonic. Ref. Shivarajan VV and Indira Balachandran, ADPS, 1994, 279)

Woodfordia Fruitcosa (Dhataki) - Dried flowers are effective in seminal weakness. The herb overts abortion and helps to cure uterine diseases. Ref. : (IMM 1295, sivarajan VV and Indira Balachandran, ADPS, 1994, Bo, wealthy of India Volx, 1976, 587)

I hope the above article on herbs for infertility help all women and men that are facing this situation.

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Dr. Veena Deo is an Ayurvedic Doctor in India. All the information provided above and opinions expressed above are her own and should not be construed as medical advice. This information and on herbal supplements is provided for educational purposes only. For questions or to consult Dr. Veena Deo, please send an email to veenadeo@herbsbenefits.com


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