Herbs for Menopause

Herbs for Menopause and Hot flashes

By Veena Deo

This article talks specifically about herbs for menopause and hot flashes and how one can help alleviate these conditions.

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From  Menarche to Menopause women face many health problems.

Menarche: Beginning  of the Menstrual function: especially the first menstrual period of an individual.

Menopause: The period of natural cessation  of Menstruation occurring usually, between the age of 45 and 50 and a condition associated with this is called hot flashes.

Menstrual problems can disrupt  life and if they are not treated at the initial  stages,can give rise to many other complications associated with the Reproductive System. Following are the menstrual problems that women generally face .

Menorrhagia: Abnormally profuse menstrual flow.

Metrorrhagia: Profuse bleeding from the uterus esp. between menstrual periods.

Dysmenorrhoea: Painful menstruation.

Amenorrhoea: Abnormal absence  or suppression of menstruation.


Herbs for Menopause -

Pre-menstrual Syndrome (PMS): Varying  constellation of symptoms manifested by some women, prior to menstruation, that may include emotional instability, irritability, insomnia, fatigue , anxiety, depression, headache,  oedema and abdominal pain. Tensions occurring as a part of the Premanstrual tension is called as Premenstrual tensions.

At the initial stage of Menstrual Cycle there is a rise in the estrogen level, which causes the lining of the uterus to grow and thickened. At this stage an ovum starts to mature.

In the middle of the cycle, the ovum leaves the ovary and this process is known as  ovulation. In the second half of the Menstrual Cycle the ovum starts to pass through the fallopian tube to the uterus. In the second half, level of Progesterone increases. This is how Menstrual Cycle takes place in the body.

Dysmenorrhoea is a commonly occurring problem amongst the women. Women have to face many health problems like abdominal pain, backache,  headache, debility, burning sensation in hands and feet etc. When Dysmenorrhoea occurs, due to the stress and strain, following symptoms are noticed like irritation, anxiety, body ache, mood swings, drowsiness etc.

Over exercising, hectic life schedule, malnutrition, smoking, excess intake of brain stimulating depressing narcotics, anemia, debility, emotional trauma, act as precursor for the aforesaid menstrual problems.

Ibuprofen, Aspirin or Naproxin , Beta  Blockers  - are the medicines prescribed in the Pharma Field. NSAID, birth control pills, hormone therapy can help to encourage a normal regular Menstrual cycle. But all these medicines have side effects.

Menopause: Naturally occurs  between the age of 45 to 55. In this stage estrogen level  decreases  to that point at which the lining of the uterus no longer builds up and menstruation ceases. This is  a  Menopause. where fluctuation in levels of estrogen and progesterone can cause a variety of symptoms like hot flashes. This is the reason why different women experience different Menopausal symptoms.

Commonly occurring Menopausal symptoms are Hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, anxiety, panic attacks, wanting  to cry  for no reason, pain during intercourse, increase in body fats etc.

Estrogen is a female hormone that helps to maintain bone mass. As the estrogen level decreases after Menopause , women get prone to developing Osteoporosis. It was observed that traditional medicines given for Menopause could cause  obesity.

Ayurveda based natural herbs based remedies for hot flashes and menopause are effective and safe, while treating the physical and emotional symptoms related to Menstruation.

Aloe Vera: Aloe compound , an Ayurvedic non-hormonal composition, was used successfully to treat  disturbed menstrual function and Dysmenorrhoea. Ref: Indian Vet  J.

Crocus sativus: Used in Amenorrhoea and Dysmenorrhoea. Ref: J Sci Ind Res 1975.

Symplocos Racemosa: Overcomes vitiated Kapha and Pitta .Useful in Menorrhagia.Helps to arrest  abdominal uterine secretions. Ref: ADPS, 279.

Woodfordia  fructicosa: Effective in uterine diseases especially in Menorrhagia. Ref: Glossary of Indian Medicinal Plants.

Saraca indica: Oxytocic activity of the plant was seen in rat and human isolated uterine preparations. Estrogen primed or gravid uterus was   more sensitive to the action of the alcoholic extract. It is used in the treatment of excessive uterine bleeding. Also used in Dysmenorrhoea.

Ashwagandha: In case of Menopause, is very effective to relieve problems related to stress and strain. Helps to maintain vitality and stamina and boosts immunity. Prescribed  in all cases of general debility, nervous exhaustion and loss of muscular energy.

Nardostachys Jatamansi: Useful in Menopausal problems of stress and strain. The herb counteracts the  effect of  mental stress ,anxiety related  disorders by its tranquilizing action. Ref: Handa SS,1994, Pharma Times.

Herbal stress relief products that have Ashwagandha, Bacopa and Jatamansi can provide help with menstrual problems including menopause and hot flashes naturally, without any side effects. Also, Turmeric Curcumin products should aid in cramps related to above conditions.

I hope the information provided above on herbs for menopause are useful to all women. If you like write me a comment using email below.

Dr. Veena Deo is an Ayurvedic Docor in India. All the information provided above and opinions expressed above are her own and should not be construed as medical advice. This information and on herbal supplements is provided for educational purposes only. For questions or to consult Dr. Veena Deo, please send an email to veenadeo@herbsbenefits.com


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