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Jamun fruit for Blood sugar support

By Veena Deo


This article talks about Jamun fruit also known as Jambolan and its support for blood sugar.

Jamun fruit is otherwise known as Syzygium Cumini a commonly known fruit in India for blood sugar control. However, many do not know the blood sugar or blood glucose controlling properties of Jambolan. Jambolan is known by many names and it is a favourite fruit of many animals. It has been mentioned in Ayurveda that Jambolan is one of the greatest fruits ever.

Historically Jamun fruit was used for non diabetic disorders, however in 16th century it was discovered by one of the eminent ayurvedic scholars that the seeds have this anti diabetic properties. Since then not only traditional medicine, modern science also started focusing on its blood glucose or blood sugar controlling properties. Ayurvedic scholars mentioned three types of Jambolan varieties. However, only one survived. The leaves, bark, and seeds are the most useful parts among which the seeds are popular for their anti diabetic properties. In traditional Ayurvedic medicine Jambolan was use to help with thirst, diarrhea, and in healing of wounds. The key ingredient that shows anti diabetic action is jamboline (a chemical) in the seeds. It would be considered as one of the greatest of the herbal supplements.

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Jamun fruit uses and benefits-

In my Ayurvedic practice, this is how I use Jamun fruit extracts.

Dried seeds powder three times a day at one gram each dose will help to reduce the high blood sugars, in addition, it  helps to reduce the insulin dose too

Two grams of dried seeds powder will reduce polyuria of any cause.

Dried seeds powder at one gram per day will help to reduce irritable bowel syndrome.

Both seeds and leaves improve uterine function.

Regular intake of fruits for 2-3 months help to heal bleeding hemorrhoids.

The fruit rind is helpful in alleviating liver enlargement.

Seeds decoction with honey prevents thirst and fatigue due to physical strain.

One of the best detoxifying agents when combined with certain herbs. ( I observed this very much)

Seeds decoction has anti septic activity.

Fruits reduce excessive salivation.


Modern science has focused on Jamun’s blood sugar or blood glucose properties. Helmstädter A.  a well known professor from Philipps-University, Marburg, Germany mentioned that in pre insulin era Jamun was used to have wide acceptance as an adjuvant therapy for diabetes type II. Later, like many medicinal herbs it has gone into the dark. As per his observations, up to 30% in glucose reduction can be expected from Jambun seeds. The unique phenomenon in Jamun seeds is that the main ingredient jamboline a chemical alone would not exhibit anti diabetic property. With the catalytic activity and association with other inorganic or inactive substances in the seed, it exhibits the anti diabetic activity.

Modern science does not have a broad vision on herbs and their actual properties. It observes in its own way rather than understanding the nature’s principles where, the real benefits and effects of herbs are missing. Certain herbs never exhibit their efficacy in the absence of associated inorganic materials. The best example is Jambolan. Though it has good anti diabetic activities, the current extraction processes are destrying the therapeutic activity as this burns out most of the organic materials.

In my experience, I suggest my patients to eat the jamun fruit, which certainly help to enhance the insulin activity and sensitivity. In addition, seeds powder can be taken as an adjuvant both for type II diabetes, insulin dependent or non-insulin dependent. The real fact of my observation is that Jamun showed its effectiveness in preventing or postponing the onset of diabetes. The real benefit is at the stage of IFG (Impaired fasting glucose) which can be well controlled with Jamun, both with fruit as well as seed powder. Regulation of IFG prevents the early onset of diabetes and further conditions. Each herb has its own mode of action in diabetes, at various stages. The cumulative and rational combination of these herbs certainly would help for safe diabetes control and prevention. When Jambolan extract is used with conjunction of Gymnema, Bitter Melon, Salacia, Cinnamon, Fenugreek, it makes one an excellent choice.

I hope the above article helps one understand more about Jamun fruit and its benefits.

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Dr. Veena Deo is the moderator and editor of this article originally written by Dr. Satyanarayana, an Ayurvedic Doctor in India. All the information provided above and opinions expressed should not be construed as any medical advice. This information on supplements is provided for educational purposed only. For questions please email to veenadeo@herbsbenefits.com


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