Calcium health benefits

Calcium health benefits that are useful

By Veena Deo

The discussion here, is about Calcium health benefits using natural sources for health conditions.

Time has changed the modalities and therapeutic scenarios of Ayurveda according to need. Certain scholars sacrificed their lives for creation of amazing therapeutic herbo mineral preparations. One among such innovations is CALX. Calx, a substance obtained by calcinations of a gem or metal.

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Calx is a residual substance, sometimes in the form of a fine powder, that is left when a metal or mineral combusts or is calcinated due to heat, especially of a metal, now known as an oxide. According to the obsolete phlogiston theory, the Calx was the true elemental substance, having lost its phlogiston in the process of combustion.

Calcium health benefits in a natural way-

Calx (Bhasma) extracts are the unique Ayurvedic metallic preparations mixed with herbs in various forms to treat various chronic illnesses. When they are purified according to the given guidelines they work well and exhibit unmatched therapeutic effect. Bhasma are biologically produced nano particles enabling the metals or gems easily assimilable, digestible and free from side effects. I can confidently say that Bhasmas are free side effects and are more potent than modern medicines. After consumption, they never modify or change their structure or metabolize like modern synthetic molecules. Instrumental neutron activation analysis proved that Bhasmas contain metallic elements in nano particle levels chelated with organic ligands derived from medicinal herbs. This clearly emphasizes that metals do possess therapeutic values; however, when they are calcinated or made in to an oxide or sulphide form with help of herbs with certain purified procedure they exhibit their inside therapeutic affects in the form of nano particles.

Many mineral preparations are available with unique actions and properties. Among them calcium rich compounds are special having wide actions. The main five are Calx of Coral, Calx of Pearls, Calx of Conch Shell, Calx of Pearl Shell, and Calx of Covnes. These five are rich in calcium and its compounds. Each of these has their unique actions, which are as follows…

Calx of Coral is known as Pravala Bhasma…Rich in calcium of > 24% and magnesium of 12-14% along with other trace elements and no iodine. It is proven that Coral Calx improves bone mineral density and prevents bone loss in animal models especially estrogen deficiency bone loss. Ref: Pharmacological research.   In addition, Coral Calx has many therapeutic values… it is useful in respiratory disorders especially bronchial asthma, anemia, oligospermia, chronic fevers, stomach ulcers, detoxifying the body tissues, strengthening the heart muscles, Reducing organomegaly, healing chronic ulcerative colitis (my personal experience). It has been documented that Coral Calx eliminates phlem from the body, biliary gastritis, indigestion, chronic coughs (especially smokers cough).

Calx of Conch shells derived from Turbinella pyrum rich in calcium, magnesium and other trace elements. Especially known for its antacid property and reduces hypercholrhydria. Additional benefits are healing tropical sprue, and abdominal colic.

Calx of Pearls is well-known Ayurvedic preparation with very good and wonderful therapeutic values, also documented to have anti gastric ulcer properties and anti thyroid properties. (I personally experienced the benefits of anti hypothyroid activity of pearl Calx). In addition, it heals abdominal colic, dysmenorrhea, heartburn and helps in cardiac disorders.

Calx of Pearl shells another calcium rich item with unique properties. It has same properties of Calx of pearl, how ever in addition, possess alkalizing properties and helps prevent burning urination.

Calx of Covnes is similar to above natural calcium resources and has an additional unique property of cartilage or bone protection action. It prevents bone erosion, bone emptying or bones becoming hallow.

There is one preparation in Ayurveda called as Pravala Panchamurtham that has Coral Calx as main ingredient and also contains major calcium rich item such as calx of conch shell, pearl shells etc. It is widely used as natural calcium supplement and anti ulcerant. The combination of above five natural calcium resources is equal to that. In addition, this combination possesses anti-inflammatory action when combined with Guggul or Boswellia. It is because, oxide or sulphide forms of gems or metals enhances the anti-inflammatory action of Guggul or Boswellia due to their organic ligand nature with the fibrinous contents of Guggul or Boswellia resins.

In my vast holistic practice, I observed that natural calcium preparations are more effective than synthetic calcium due to two main reasons. One thing is, they contain easily absorbable calcium content of > 24 % with easily assimilable form of oxide. In addition, they contain other trace elements such as magnesium, copper, zinc etc. Irrespective of the stomach health they do exhibit their efficacy unlike synthetic molecules which cannot be absorbed in unhealthy gut conditions such as indigestion, chronic gut motility disorders, hormonal imbalances etc. The additional advantage of this unique combination is that they exhibit additional therapeutic actions such as correcting indigestion, helps reduce phlegm, have antacid activity, ulcer healing and anti colic properties which cannot be expected with synthetic molecules.

I hope the calcium health benefits mentioned above are useful to all.

Dr. Veena Deo is the moderator and editor of this article originally writtne by Dr. Satyanarayana, an Ayurvedic Doctor in India. All the information provided and on supplements above and opinions expressed above should not be construed as medical advice. This information is provided for educational purposes only. For questions email to



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