Natural remedies for dry skin

Dry skin and Acne help!


The human skin is of three types –

Normal Skin: Smooth texture. No excessive oil even in the forehead, nose and chin areas.
Oily Skin: Enlarged pores, shiny appearance and always feels greasy to the touch.
Dry Skin: Thin skin, fine pores, dryness, roughness, dull appearance
Combination skin: Oily skin in forehead, nose and chin areas and dry or normal skin under the eyes.

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From time, it has been man’s attempt to understand what causes aging, how to slow and delay this process and how to maintain one’s youth. Here are herbs, fruits and vegetables from which natuaral remedies can be derived-

Remedies for dry skin, Acne, oily skin,  -


Apply Tomato juice to remove wrinkles.

Applying Turmeric based creams or taking Turmeric Curcumin supplements should help.

The paste of Nutmeg is also useful to remove wrinkles from the skin and to give fair complexion to skin.

Make a paste of Almond and Milk and add Rose water to it. Apply this paste on the face for 15 minutes. Wash it with water. It will help remove blemishes and will give a health complexion to skin.

Boil a small piece of rhizome of Mango Ginger along with some Split Red Gram. Take one end of the boiled rhizome, cool it, dip it in a little milk and rub on a hard surface in circular motion about 8 to 10 times to make a thickened paste. Apply this paste on face or on hands for half an hour. It will help to with pimples, acne and black spots.

Banana Fruit pulp is a good face mask.

A paste of tender leaves of Tulsi or Holy Basil  and Neem can be applied to the skin regularly, to help with Acne, Black spots and a health glow to skin.

Cucumber juice application is useful to relieve burning sensation of the skin.

Pulp of apple, applied on the skin helps with Acne and to improve complexion.

Other dry skin Natural remedies -

Mix Honey 2 teaspoons, Apricot extract 2 teaspoons and Almond oil ¼ teaspoons and apply this paste on the face. After 15 minutes wash it with water. This helps in firming the skin and it will also give a fair complexion.

Application of Honey on face for about 15minutes and washing it away give a glow and a feeling of freshness.

You can add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice in ½ teaspoon of honey and applying it to the face gives fair complexion.

Add 1 teaspoon Almond oil to 200gms of carrot paste, mix them together and apply this to the face for about 15 minutes. Then wash it with water. This will help with wrinkles.

Paste of Cumin Seeds in water helps with pimples.

Grape Seed Oil - Application to face is used extensively in the cosmetics industry as it has emollient properties. It’s soothing and healing effects on the skin have been appreciated for generations.

Apricot Oil
Rich source of Vitamin A.

Jojoba Oil
Helps to prevent wrinkles and lines due to dry skin.
Assists in keeping the skin more supple, smoother and softer.
Excellent for nourishing the skin
Effective in all skin types.

Manjishta (Rubia cordifolia, English Indian Madder)
Works well to alleviate the Acne lesions. Imparts glow and soothes the skin. Clears inflammation, Acts as an Antiseptic and an Astringent. Effective in removing freckles and other discoloration of the skin, thereby promoting fair and healthy skin.

Almond Shell powder
It gives soothing effect as well as help in removal of dead cells and debris and gives Deep pore cleansing action.

Walnut shell powder
It is basically used for removal of dead cells and rejuvenate skin and promotes blood Circulation.

Saffron (Crocus sativus)
Improves complexion.
Imparts glow and soothes the skin.
Reduces tan.
Promotes fair and healthy complexion
Useful for all types of skin.

Aloe Vera
Protects from harmful UV rays of sun.
Removes black spots and blemishes
Imparts smooth and supple skin.
Used for all types of skin.
Rejuvenates skin, removes dead cells of the upper layer of skin.
Promotes formation of cells and tissues and thus prevents  wrinkles

It is a skin rejuvenator.
It imparts glow and luster to skin
It is a rich source of Vitamin E and A
Improves complexion

Tomato Seed Oil
It is an emollient.
Promotes a good complexion.
Helps to clear dark circles and blemishes.
Imparts glow and luster to skin around the eyes.

Tips for Skin Care
For blackheads wash the face 4 to 5 times in a day with plain water.
Avoid oily, spicy food and also food which causes constipation and other disorders of the stomach.
Never try to prick the pimples.
If the skin is extra sensitive, use a scrub only after diluting it.


Before applying these home remedies first try to understand your skin type.

Saffron and Cucumber and Apricot and Almond based skin creams are widely available for a simpler solution.

I hope the above natural remedies for dry skin and other conditions help all.

Dr. Veena Deo is an Ayurvedic Doctor in India. All the information provided above and opinions expressed above are her own and should not be construed as medical advice. This information and on supplements is provided for educational purposes only.





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