Natural remedies for Eczema

Eczema help!

What are Eczema causes and Symptoms?

Eczema is an inflammatory condition of the skin characterized by redness, itching and oozing, vesicular lesions which become scaly, crusted or hardened. The word Eczema literally means boiling over of the skin and is characterized by redness, flaking and tiny blisters on the skin.

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The causative factors include allergic reactions; allergies to certain foods, chemicals and cosmetics, reaction to the sun and wind especially in the winter, stress and inherited weak immune system.

The symptoms include reddish or brownish gray colored patches on the skin, itching. Skin may crack, flake and also one would see noticeable thickened patches on the skin. It generally occurs on the hands, feet, elbows, knees, ankles, wrist, face, neck and upper chest area. New research shows that eczema is associated with weak immune system and it could be painful, uncomfortable and debilitating.

Natural remedies for Eczema -

Although the below mentioned home and natural remedies could be effective, consulting a Medical Doctor and if necessary starting a treatment is important as soon as one notices Eczema.

Boil water with the bark of Neem, clean the affected area with this water daily. One can also make and apply the paste of the above on the affected area and leave it till it becomes dry. Then wash it off with warm water.

Take warm showers rather than baths and use mild soaps.

Avoid wearing tight and abrasive type of clothing.

Application of Olive oil is also beneficial as it reduces inflammation. Olive oil is rich in Vitamins C and E. It acts as an excellent moisturizing agent and helps to keep skin moisturized for a long time.

Avoid stress as it makes the immune system weak.

Red clover is a member of the Pea family. It contains tocopherol, a powerful antioxidant, which helps to destroy toxins and is therefore useful in Eczema.

Avoid sour foods like pickles, and also avoid yogurt, meat and fish.

Eat Water melon fruit daily.

Licorice root helps to relieve swelling, allergy symptoms and also helps to improve Liver function. One can also take supplements of this herb.

Eat warm, steamed, boiled or slightly baked foods.

Aloe vera gel acts as an anti-inflammatory product; so apply it on the affected area.

Drink at least eight glasses of water daily.

Aromatic and perfume based products like scented soaps and lotions can cause irritation to the skin, so avoid using them.

Make a fine powder of oatmeal, add a cup of this powder when bathing and wash it off, using warm water.

Omega 3 oils are beneficial. Hence use of Flax seed oil or Pumpkin seed oil in salad dressing should be helpful. One can also take supplements of the above.

Sea salt helps to relieve pain and inflammation. So take sea salt Bath. This bath not only helps to remove dead skin cells but also could help with Eczema.

Take daily walks and get some fresh air.

Milk thistle, an herb could help with Eczema and also any problems related to liver.

Mix Apple cider vinegar and water in equal parts, and then with the help of a cotton swab, apply this to the affected areas.

Use cotton clothes all the time.

GLA an Omega-6 fatty acid found in Primrose oil and other sources is very effective in controlling Eczema symptoms. But more research is required in this field.

Apply a mixture of Camphor and Sandalwood, taken in equal parts, on the affected areas.

Apply a paste of Turmeric powder mixed in water on the affected area. One may even consume a pinch of Turmeric powder mixed in milk or water early in the morning alternatively. Finally for convenience once may also opt to take Turmeric supplements.

Take Grape seed extract orally, which will help to detoxify the body, thus helping to relieve the symptoms of Eczema.

Applying externally to affected areas of Tea tree oil which contain Terpenoids is beneficial. This oil acts as an active antimicrobial agent and also could helps to prevent or to treat bacterial infections.

As I mentioned earlier, in most chronic and severe causes it is important to take advice of a medical professional. I hope the above natural remedies for Eczema and related problems help all people that are trying to address this condition.

Dr. Veena Deo is a Clinical research investigator, Naturopathic/ Ayurveda Doctor and also a new product developer in the field of herbal supplements. All information provided above is for educational purposes only.


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