Natural remedies for Blood Sugar

Natural remedies for blood sugar that are useful-

By Veena Deo

In this article I am going to discuss natural remedies for blood sugar support, and the use of certain herbal supplements.

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NIDDM: Common form of Diabetes mellitus that develops esp. in adults and most often in obese individuals and it is characterized by hyperglycemia resulting from impaired insulin utilization coupled with the body’s inability to compensate with increased insulin production. The patients of NIDDM do secrete insulin although their serum insulin may be diminished, normal or even increased. The cause is unknown but several causative factors are there like strong family history of Diabetes, obesity, physical inactivity, lifestyle etc.

Natural remedies for Blood sugar that are helpful-

A person with blood sugar problems should have diet with moderate proteins, high fiber and fewer carbohydrates.

Cinnamon Tamale: Is a very powerful antioxidant. Animal studies show that constituents of Cinnamon stimulate insulin receptors and they significantly increase the ability of the cells to use glucose. Ref: Dongraves of UCSB.

Bitter Gourd: Make small round pieces of fruit of Bitter Gourd. Add 1teaspoon of salt in 1 glass of water.  Soak the pieces in this water for about 15 minutes, then wash them and mix it in water. Drink this mixture daily. A large study of Harvard university medical school concluded that Bitter Melon is one of the best natural remedies for blood sugar. Ref: Diabetes care 2003.

Indian gooseberry:  In the fresh juice of Indian gooseberry (100ml) add 2gms of Turmeric powder.  Mix it and drink this once a day. It helps to increase immunity, vitality and strength and supports blood sugar.

Fenugreek: Studies show that Fenugreek helps to regulate blood sugar levels. It contains 4 hydroxyisole ucine. This compound helps to stimulate insulin secretion, thereby limiting the extent to which blood sugar is elevated. The National institute of Nutrition (NIN) Hyderabad recently found that Fenugreek seeds are effective in controlling blood sugar. It is also useful in lowering the serum cholesterol and triglycerides.

Soak ½ teaspoon of Fenugreek in water overnight. Season it with little oil, add turmeric powder and salt in it. Eat this.  It is one of the good natural remedies for blood sugar management.

Zinc: Pays an important role in the production and storage of insulin. Good food sources of Zinc are Ginger root, Walnuts, Almonds etc.

Mix juice of Asparagus Racemosus with skimmed milk. Take it once a day. It helps to increase immunity and to manage blood sugar levels.

Curcumin: 1000mg of Turmeric approximately may contain 20 to 60 mg of Curcumin. Add to food ¼ teaspoonful Turmeric powder in the morning to the breakfast menu.

Okra: Cut five pieces; soak in a glass of water overnight. Filter it. Drink this water daily. It will help to control blood sugar levels.

Ivy Gourd: Steam it or cook it; add a little salt and eat it once a week. The plant has a remarkable effect in reducing the amount of sugar in the urine. Ref: Chopra RN.

Finally, those that drink many glasses of water every day were found to have lower blood sugar levels than those who did not. The mechanism of sugar regulations lies with a hormone called Vasopressin, which rises when the body is dehydrated and makes the liver to increase blood sugar levels.

More research is needed to ascertain the effect of water on blood sugar levels, but initial evidence suggests that adequate water intake can actually help. Ref: Tara Parker.

All in all following the natural remedies for blood sugar mentioned above along with use of certain herbal supplements should give a person help. As this is a serious condition consulting a Medical Doctor is always important.

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Dr. Veena Deo is an Ayurvedic Doctor in India. All the information provided above and opinions expressed above are her own and should not be construed as medical advice. This information and on supplements is provided for educational purposes only. For questions or to consult Dr. Veena Deo, please send an email to


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