Natural remedies for Fatigue

Natural remedies for fatigue that are useful-

By Veena Deo

In this article I am going to discuss natural remedies for fatigue and also use of certain herbal supplements that can help.

Fatigue is a common problem in the society. Heavy work for prolonged time, excessive mental activity, disturbed sleep, depression is all the causative factors for fatigue. Some of the signs and symptoms include tiredness, slight giddiness, body pains, lack of enthusiasm etc.

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Natural remedies for Fatigue that are helpful-

Alfalfa helps to improve appetite and to overcome fatigue. It gives energy and strength to the body.

Ashwagandha helps with fatigue.  Take ½ teaspoon powder of Ashwagandha twice daily to help overcome the fatigue of mind as well as body. It is an adaptogenic herb. It also boosts the immune system and helps to improve the stamina. Ashwagandha is also available as an herbal supplement.

Grape juice is useful to overcome fatigue as it immediately brings in stamina.

Nutritious food is advisable.

Take Spirulina twice daily (One should consult a Medical Doctor for dosages) along with black pepper. Spirulina is a natural package of proteins, vitamins and minerals and Black pepper is bioavailability enhancer and helps for better absorption. This combination is advisable to overcome fatigue.

Dates are a great source of instant energy. This should be taken regularly along with a glass of low fat milk.

Blood circulation is important to combat fatigue. For this, daily exercise like gardening, swimming, walking are advisable. This is a simple natural remedy.

Avoid overexertion and emotional stress.

Avoid caffeine, alcohol and nicotine.

Low levels of Potassium, iron and iodine contribute to fatigue. For sources of Potassium, consume regularly Cabbage, Seaweed etc. For sources of Iron, Honey is very good source especially for anemic people by increasing Hemoglobin. For sources of Iodine include Sea salt and mushrooms in diet.

Combination of apple juice and tomato juice helps to overcome fatigue.

Eating Oranges stimulates the flow of digestive juices, thereby increasing digestion and appetite.

Add ½ teaspoon Ginger juice and ¼ teaspoon of Black pepper powder in ½ teaspoon lemon juice and drink it daily. This is one of the better natural remedies for fatigue.

Eat a small piece of Jaggery along with a glass of water.

Give sufficient rest to your body and mind daily.

Drink Beet juice daily. Also, daily intake of Carrot juice is advisable.

Daily intake of Indian gooseberry juice with sugar also is helpful.

Asparagus Racemosus is one herb, based on Ayurvedic texts is considered as a powerful rejuvenator (Rasayan) and is very effective in giving physical strength and maintaining youthfulness.

Drinking a lot of water by adding some salt and sugar to it helps.

Lemon juice along with salt and sugar is highly efficacious to overcome fatigue.

Daily intake of butter milk along with a little amount of Cumin seed powder and Coriander seed powder is advisable.

The above natural remedies for fatigue along with certain herbal supplements should be helpful to most people. In any case for chronic cases one should always follow the advice of a Medical Doctor.

Dr. Veena Deo is an Ayurvedic Doctor in India. All the information provided above and opinions expressed above are her own and should not be construed as medical advice. This information and on supplements is provided for educational purposes only. For questions or to consult Dr. Veena Deo, please send an email to


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