Remedies for Jaundice

Remedies for Jaundice that are useful

By Veena Deo

The discussion in this article is about remedies for Jaundice that can be followed very easily by all people.

Jaundice is a  a yellowish pigmentation of the skin, tissues and certain body fluids, caused by the deposition of bile pigments that follows interference with normal production and discharge of bile (as in certain liver diseases) or excessive breakdown of red blood cells (as after internal hemorrhage or in various hemolytic states), also called  Icterus. 2) Any disease or abnormal condition (as hepatitis A or leptospirosis) that is characterized by Jaundice also called Icterus.

Obstructive Jaundice is something that usually occurs when the bile ducts are blocked and bile cannot pass into the intestines. If too much Bilirubin is produced by the excessive breakdown of red blood cells, then Haemolytic Jaundice occurs. It is very common in adults and in new born babies.

Symptoms include Skin becominf yellowish, the color of the urine is yellow, pale stools, extreme weakness, loss of appetite, and nausea and dull pain in the liver region are all the common symptoms of jaundice.

Remedies for Jaundice that are helpful-

Sugarcane juice is a very effective remedy for Jaundice, as it promotes more urination. If the person is diabetic, Barley water should be given.

Decrease the intake of fat. Fats are present in lamb, Cheese, Soybean, Pulses, Butter. Fish is harmful, hence avoid it.

Take juice of radish leaves.

Triphala powder is a mixture of Indian Gooseberry, Belleric myrobalan and Chebulic myrobalan, Take the decoction of Triphala or take it in the powder form. If this is not possible, take the Triphala Herbal supplements.

Beet root juice mixed with lime juice is advisable.

Take tender papaya leaves or Carica papaya, make a paste of it, add honey to it and eat it.

Indian Aloe is also an effective remedy.

Take carotene rich foods.

Avoid yogurt. Take buttermilk by adding roasted cumin powder to it.

Tea, coffee and tobacco affect the functioning of the Liver. So avoid them.

Coconut water, pomegranate juice are advisable. Pomegranate supplements can also be taken.

Avoid sea food.

Drink boiled and filtered water.

Gooseberry is rich with Vit C and so is very effective in Jaundice.

Carrot juice is advisable.

Chicory plant, the juice of this plant helps to relieve sluggishness of the Liver, and is useful in relieving the enlargement of the spleen.

Take one teaspoonful of glucose in one cup of water thrice a day; this is not advisable for people with blood sugar problems.

Oxalis corniculata or Indian sorrel should be taken with butter milk. It is an effective remedy for Jaundice.

Juice of bitter vegetables like the Bitter gourd is very effective. Also look at blood sugar supplements with Bitter gourd in them.

Sweet foods are highly recommended for Jaundice patients.

Bhumyamlki or Phyllanthus urinaria, the juice of this herb is recommended for Jaundice patients.

Jaundiced people should avoid eating refined flour, polished rice, mustard oil, mustard seeds, asafetida, peas, cakes, alcoholic beverages.

Take plenty of rest.

Berberis vulgaris or Jaundice berry is an excellent remedy for Jaundice. The juice of the bark should be taken.

Drink the juice made from fresh Tomatoes early in the morning.

Picrorrhiza kurroa, is one of the best remedies for Jaundice. It is cholagogue in nature. Take the powder of this herb. If powder is not available take Picrorrhiza Kurroa Herbal supplements.

I hope the above remedies for Jaundice will help all that are trying to address this situation. In most cases one should consult a healthcare adviser.

Dr. Veena Deo is an Ayurvedic Doctor in India. All the information provided and on supplements above and opinions expressed above are her own and should not be construed as medical advice. This information is provided for educational purposes only. For questions or to consult Dr. Veena Deo, please send an email to


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