Remedies for Varicose veins

Remedies for Varicose vein that are useful

By Veena Deo

The discussion in this article is about remedies for Varicose veins that can be followed very easily by all people.

The word Varicose comes from the Latin word ‘Varix’ meaning twisted. The word Varicose means abnormally swollen or dilated and a Varicose Vein is an abnormal swelling of the superficial Veins of the legs.

The causes include Obesity, menopause, habit of wearing tight clothes, pregnancy, age, constipation, smoking, poor diet, hormonal changes, lack of exercise, poor blood circulation.

The symptoms include swelling of the ankles, purplish skin, pain, burning sensation, itching, painfully tense legs, swollen legs particularly at night. If the Varicose Veins are not treated in a proper way, it can lead to serious health problems such as thrombosis, open wounds etc. There are many remedies and herbs which are efficacious in relieving the problems of Varicose veins. Hence let us discuss about these.

Remedies for Varicose veins that are helpful–

Apply apple cider vinegar on varicose veins.

Warm water enema is also advisable.

B Complex group of vitamins help to treat varicose veins, so include the same in your diet.

Vit E helps to tone up overall circulation, so it is also useful in varicose veins.

Gentle Massage on the affected area with rosemary oil is beneficial.

After every bath, apply home grade castor-oil over the varicose veins.

Eat blackberries and cherries.

Take a diet rich in fiber, so that it will keep the bowels clean.

Grape Seed extract has an antioxidant activity and it strengthens the connective tissues and helps to reduce inflammation.

Avoid ice-cream, fried foods, peanuts, alcohol, and excessive intake of salt, processed and refined foods.

Pineapple juice is advisable as it keeps the veins healthy.

Mix two parts of spinach juice and 3 parts of carrot juice. Drink it once a day.

Rutin (a glycoside found in Buckwheat), may be useful in Varicose veins. But more research is required on this.

Exercises like walking, swimming and bicycling are advisable.

Do not wear tight clothes as they restrict blood flow.

Pine bark extract is also beneficial. People who are suffering with Rheumatoid arthritis or have multiple sclerosis should not take grape seed extract and pine bark extract.

Butcher’s broom or Ruscus acuteatus - It strengthens collagen in the blood vessel wall and helps to improve circulation

Gotu kola is effective in varicose veins.

Red vine leaf extract- The clinical trials conducted show that red- vine-leaf has a beneficial effect as it reduces swelling, pain and leg heaviness.

Horse chestnut- The active constituent of this herb is aescin, which appears to block the release of enzymes which damage the capillary walls. It helps to diminish varicose veins by stabilizing the capillary endothelium and by improving the tone of the veins by reducing the permeability of capillaries through veins. It is a natural blood thinner.

Avoid standing or sitting for a long period.

Some research has been done on the effect of copper on veins by Dr.Klevay M.D. of the U.S. Department of agriculture, Grand Forks Human Nutrition Research center in North Dakota. It says that it is quite possible that the strength of veins depends upon adequate copper levels. That is why people with varicose veins, should make sure that they are getting adequate amount of this trace mineral says Dr.Klevay. The daily value of copper in-take is 2 milligrams. Whole grains, nuts and seeds along with shellfish, lean red meat should be included in the diet Recommends Dr. Klevay.  Ref:

I hope the above remedies for Varicose veins will help all that are trying to address this situation. In many cases one should consult a healthcare adviser.

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Dr. Veena Deo is an Ayurvedic Doctor in India. All the information provided and on supplements above and opinions expressed are her own and should not be construed as medical advice. This information is provided for educational purposes only. For questions or to consult Dr. Veena Deo, please send an email to


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