What is Salacia

What is Salacia, bnefits and support for Blood sugar

By Veena Deo


This article discusses as to what is Salacia, a great herb, its benefits and support for blood sugar in people.

Ayurveda the ancient system of medicine offers alternatives in managing blood glucose or blood sugar levels. Diabetes Mellitus is a variable disorder of carbohydrate metabolism caused by a combination of hereditary and environmental factors, usually characterized by inadequate secretion or utilization of insulin.

‘Salacia  oblonga' is an Herb which is known  to maintain healthy blood sugar levels over time, and thereby helps to prevent complications’ --“Journal of the American, Dietetic Association, January 2005’’.

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It is a native herb of India and Sri Lanka. Traditionally it has been used to treat type 2 Diabetes. Salacia oblonga is useful for those that have high blood sugar and high Cholesterol levels. It contains active constituents, glucosidase inhibitors, Salacinol and Kotalanol9. These two inhibitors of Salacia help in controlling blood glucose levels in the body.

What is Salacia herb's active constituent and how does it work?

Alpha glucosidase inhibitors are saccharides that act as competitive inhibitors of enzymes needed to digest carbohydrates, specifically alpha glucosidase enzymes in the brush border of the small intestine. Inhibition of enzyme systems reduces the rate of digestion of carbohydrates. Less glucose is absorbed because the carbohydrates are not broken down into glucose molecules. In diabetic patients, the short term effect of these drug therapies is to decrease current blood glucose levels. Ref: Wikipedia.org/wiki

The enzyme called alpha glucosidases, turns carbohydrates into glucose. If the enzyme binds to the herbal extract rather than to carbohydrates, then less glucose gets into the blood stream, resulting in lowered blood glucose and insulin levels.

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The root and the root bark of the Salacia Oblonga are extensively used in the indigenous system of Ayurveda as an anti blood sugar product. Researchers proved that its phenolic constituents were found to exhibit pancreatic lipase inhibitory and anti obese effects.

“The extract of Salacia Oblonga lowers acute glycemia and insulinemia in person with type 2 diabetes after a high carbohydrate meal”, wrote the researchers in the ‘American journal of clinical Nutrition’.

There are many herbal products for blood sugar support. The products that have the main ingredients, Salacia Oblonga along with Gymnema Sylvestre, Bitter melon, Fenugreek , Cinnamon,  Jambolon  and Saptarangi are considered to be the most beneficial for blood glucose support. These work in a synergistic combination by helping one's pancreatic health.

I hope I was able to answer as to what is Gymnema and its benefits for blood sugar support.

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Dr. Veena Deo is an Ayurvedic Doctor in India. All the information provided above and opinions expressed above and on herbal supplements are her own and should not be construed as medical advice. This information on supplements is provided for educational purposes only. For questions email at veenadeo@herbsbenefits.com


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