What is Gymnema, Benefits, Blood sugar

Blood sugar, What is Gymnema, Benefits

By Veena Deo


This article discusses as to what is Gymnema and its benefits for blood sugar support.

Diabetes is a variable disorder of carbohydrates metabolism caused by a combination of hereditary and environmental Factors and is usually characterized by inadequate secretion and utilization of insulin, excessive urine production as well as excessive amount of sugar in Urine and blood.

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What is Gymnema ?  It is an herb  (Gymnema sylvestre) that is a Nature’s Gift for people with blood sugar issues. Gymnema is a stout, large woody climbing plant which grows in Central and Southern India. The leaves of Gymnema have the active principle which has blood sugar reducing properties and which also stimulates insulin secretion.

If one asks what is Gymnema's  active ingredient? It is Gymnemic acid, a chemically complex mixture of saponins and  Guramarine which is a polypeptide of 35 amino acids. It was observed  that Gymnema regulates blood sugar levels in alloxan- induced diabetic rabbits and increases  activity of enzymes which facilitate use of glucose by insulin dependent pathway.
Gymnema extract and Gymnemic acid significantly depresses the portal release of gastric inhibitory  peptide  after intraduodenal glucose infusion, meaning thereby that the insulin secretion which may otherwise have been inhibited, gets released.

Modern science today also accepts the fact that this is a proven Herb with anti blood sugar properties.

What is Gymnema and its documented benefits?

When the leaves of Gymnema Sylvestre are chewed they anesthetize the sweet taste buds and this effect can last for many hours.

This may benefit  those Diabetic Patients who are trying to reduce their sugar intake  and it may also help in weight control. Hence it is used by Diabetics  to reduce their craving  for sweets and increased hunger.

The clinical studies done by modern science have show that the oral administration of Gymnema Sylvestre  helps to regulate blood sugar and to relieve the complications related to Diabetes like weight loss , Polyphagia (increased hunger), Excessive thirst (Polydypsia), Increased urination (Polyurea), debility, leg cramps, recurrent infections etc.

As per Ayurvedic pharmacology, Gymnema is KaphaVatashamak In Ayurveda.  Many research papers are available supporting the therapeutic action of Gymnema Sylvestre on diabetes, some of which have been  listed at the end of this article.

Long term Indian studies without placebo controls yielded promising results in diabetic patients. These studies show that Gymnema controls blood sugar. The important aspect to be kept in the mind is that, clinical research was done directly on human beings during ancient times. Gymnema was also used by Ayurvedic practitioners for treating diabetics and they got  satisfactory results all the time. The proof  of the above lies in the fact  that the herb got included in Dravyagunanighantu (An Ayurvedic Compedium of Medicinal Plants). In the end what is Gymnema to people with blood sugar issues, it is a boon.

Many herbs and minerals have been described in Ayurveda that help with blood sugar support. There are many herbal supplements for supporting blood sugar. The products that have the main ingredient Gymnema sylvestre, along with 5 other valuable herbs, (proven for their blood sugar supporting properties) like Bitter Melon, Fenugreek , Cinnamom, Jambolon  and Salacia are considered to be the most beneficial. This combination of 6 herbal extracts makes a product  potent, by improving one's pancreatic health. These products have a  higher efficacy in supporting blood sugar and are effective. 

I hope this article explains as to what is Gymnema, a wonderful herb that has great benefits for blood sugar support for anyone that needs it.

Dr. Veena Deo is an Ayurvedic Doctor in India and is the author of this story.  All the information provided above and opinions expressed are her own and should not be construed as any medical advice. This information on supplements is provided for educational purposes only. For question email at veenadeo@herbsbenefits.com

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